No. 156
The Acting Secretary of State to the President


Memorandum for the President

Subject: Palestine

According to information reaching us from Zionist sources at San Francisco, the Zionists desire to confer with you in the near future in anticipation of your meeting with Mr. Churchill, as they think it is likely that Palestine will be discussed at that meeting.

For your information, we are preparing some material for you on Palestine1 for possible use at the meeting, as we feel that it will be necessary for the British to make some decision regarding that [Page 176] country in the near future. It is not our belief that the question is one which will require detailed discussion, or any decision on your part, during the course of your meeting with Mr. Churchill. It would be most helpful, however, if we could have some idea of the intentions of the British Government with regard to the future of Palestine.

. . . . . . .

Joseph C. Grew