No. 14
Memorandum by the Acting Secretary of State


Memorandum of Conversation

Subject: French Position

Participants: President Truman;
M. Bidault, French Foreign Minister;
Admiral William D. Leahy;
Acting Secretary Grew

. . . . . . .

At 12:15 I met Mr. Bidault and the French Ambassador1 at the White House and introduced the French Foreign Minister to the President. Admiral Leahy was also present at the conference. The President welcomed Mr. Bidault and told him how he desired to strengthen the friendship between the United States and France which had commenced with the founding of our nation. The President also thanked Mr. Bidault for his cooperation and helpfulness in San Francisco and his gratification at the contribution of the French Delegation to the work of the Conference.2

Mr. Bidault expressed pleasure at the President’s remarks and said that France had once been great and hoped for the support of the United States in enabling France to return to her former position. He said that Europe could not get along with Soviet Russia and Great Britain as the only two great European powers, and that a strong France was needed in the interests of all.

Mr. Bidault said that a good many European matters had been decided at meetings at which France had not been present and he hoped that she would be included in such meetings in future. The President said that there had been a good deal of talk about a forthcoming meeting of Stalin, the Prime Minister and himself but no such meeting had yet been arranged and none of the three heads of government [Page 18] had yet taken the initiative in arranging such a meeting. The President indicated that in the event of such a meeting the participation of France might be given consideration by the three heads of government.

. . . . . . .

J[oseph] C. G[rew]
  1. Henri Bonnet.
  2. i. e., the United Nations Conference on International Organization.