334. Memorandum From the Executive Secretary (Souers) to the National Security Council0


  • Proposed National Security Council Directives to the Central Intelligence Agency


  • NSC Action No. 3
In its first meeting the National Security Council agreed that:
All directives of the National Intelligence Authority to the Central Intelligence Group be continued in full force and effect until specifically repealed, altered or augmented by the National Security Council, or changed in accordance with paragraph b below.
The Director of Central Intelligence should submit to the Council within sixty days proposed authorizations supplanting the former directives of the National Intelligence Authority and specifying his functions and those of the Central Intelligence Agency in accordance with the provisions of the National Security Act of 1947.
Pursuant to 1–b above, the proposed National Security Council Intelligence Directives enclosed herewith,1 which have been prepared by the Director of Central Intelligence and coordinated with the intelligence chiefs of the participating departments, the Atomic Energy Commission, and the Joint Staff (Joint Chiefs of Staff), are submitted herewith for consideration by the Council at its third meeting at 3:00 p.m. on Friday, December 12. The enclosed Directives, which have been generally agreed to by the above intelligence chiefs, are under final consideration [Page 823] by them, and any non-concurrences will be submitted to the Council tomorrow.2
One additional NSC Intelligence Directive will be submitted by the Director of Central Intelligence at a future date, and this will complete action pursuant to paragraph 1–b above.
Sidney W. Souers 3
  1. Source: National Archives and Records Administration, RG 59, Records of the Department of State, Records of the Policy Planning Staff, NSC Files: Lot 62 D 1, NSC Intelligence Directives. Top Secret.
  2. Copies of draft NSC Intelligence Directives Nos. 1–6 were enclosed. For texts as approved by the NSC, see Documents 422426 and 432.
  3. The documentation on the preparation of the first set of National Security Council Intelligence Directives is sketchy and incomplete. The only account is in Darling, The Central Intelligence Agency, pp. 214–217, who appears to have had access to some materials that have not been located. According to Darling’s account, the ad hoc committee established at Hillenkoetter’s November 20 meeting with the departmental intelligence chiefs (Document 332) brought in a set of draft directives that were unacceptable to Hillenkoetter, or at least unacceptable in part. At about the same time, Darling records, Hillenkoetter received a copy of Secretary of the Army Royall’s memorandum of November 26 (Document 230) opposing Hillenkoetter’s concept of an Intelligence Advisory Committee. Hillenkoetter thereupon appealed to Forrestal, who called a meeting of the Service Secretaries and Service Intelligence Chiefs and rebuked General Chamberlin and Admiral Inglis for their opposition to Hillenkoetter’s proposals. Hillenkoetter then had his follow-on meeting with the departmental intelligence chiefs on December 8, at which there was general agreement on the directives to be submitted to the NSC. A verbatim record of the December 8 meeting, which apparently was not circulated at the time but was subsequently located by Darling, is not printed. (Central Intelligence Agency Historical Files, HS/HC–657)
  4. Printed from a copy that bears this typed signature.