295. Memorandum From the Chief of the Special Procedures Group (Cassady) to Director of Central Intelligence Hillenkoetter0


  • Covert Propaganda to Exploit Tito-Cominform Dispute
The Cominform denunciation of Marshal Tito, and his firmly defiant stand, constitutes the first major open break in the satellite front which the Soviet Union has established in Central Europe.
The situation arising therefrom tends to arouse dissension and confusion in the world structure of Communism and invites exploitation by prompt, effective propaganda measures through every available medium, with the idea of achieving:
A lessening of Moscow control over satellite governments.
An increase of friction between leading Communist groups and individuals, with consequent decline in the effectiveness of world Communism as an agency of Soviet expansion.
Conditions more favorable to the overthrow of Communist governments in satellite nations and to the strengthening of non-Communist governments.
The propaganda opportunities of the Cominform–Tito dispute were recognized in the counter-statement issued by the Yugoslav Central Committee.
The situation finds the United States and the Marshall Plan nations unable to take full advantage of the propaganda openings which are presented. [4 lines of source text not declassified]

[14 paragraphs of source text (37–1/2 lines of source text) not declassified]

  1. Source: Central Intelligence Agency Historical Files, HS/CSG–615, Job 83–00036, Box 4, Folder 10. Secret. Sent to Colonel Donald H. Galloway, the Assistant Director for Special Operations, for Hillenkoetter. The source text is a transcript made for the CIA Historian in December 1952.