267. Memorandum From the Executive Secretary (Souers) to the Members of the National Security Council0


  • Coordination of Foreign Information Measures


NSC 4 Series
NSC Action No. 421

Pursuant to directive by the National Security Council (Reference b), the NSC Consultants have reviewed the implementation by the Director of Central Intelligence of certain aspects of the NSC 4 Series. Mr. George V. Allen, Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs, participated in this review.

Taking into consideration the fact that only four months have elapsed since the issuance of the initial directive to the Director of Central Intelligence, and the difficulties of screening personnel both as to security and qualifications for such duties the NSC Consultants and Mr. Allen feel that satisfactory progress has been made. They also believe that existing organizational relationships both at home and abroad appear to be developing satisfactorily.

At Mr. Allen’s suggestion, the Director of Central Intelligence was advised to concentrate so far as possible upon the use of anti-Communist democratic forces in foreign countries, particularly those which are politically left of center. The Director of Central Intelligence also was requested to project these operations forward, both as to scope and area coverage, as rapidly as possible.

The NSC Consultants recommend that the National Security Council:

Approve the above findings.
Direct the NSC Consultants to undertake a similar review and report in approximately two months.

Sidney W. Souers
  1. Source: National Archives and Records Administration, RG 59, Records of the Department of State, Records of the Executive Secretariat, NSC Files: Lot 63 D 351, NSC 4, Box 4205. Top Secret. In a May 10 note to Lovett, Kennan referred to a report “made after the National Security Council Consultants had met with the Director of Central Intelligence to review the implementation of foreign information measures,” and he recommended that he be authorized informally to tell Souers that the Department approved the Consultants’ two recommendations. (Ibid., Policy Planning Staff Files, 1947–1953, Box 11A) See the Supplement. This referenced report is probably the source text.
  2. See Document 266.