266. Memorandum for the President of Discussion at the 9th Meeting of the National Security Council0

[Here follows discussion of agenda items 1 and 2, U.S. policy in Korea and U.S. position on short-term assistance to China.]

3. Coordination of Foreign Information Measures (Memo for the NSC from the Executive Secretary, same subject, dated March 30, 1948.)1

Mr. Lovett read memorandum2 from Assistant Secretary Allen, stating that the Department of State believed that no new psychological warfare authorization should be set up now because in peacetime the State Department should control this activity, as provided in NSC 4. Mr. Lovett also described the steps that had been taken so far in implementation of NSC 4.

The National Security Council:3

Directed the NSC Consultants to review the implementation of certain aspects of NSC 4 series and to submit to the Council an early report with any necessary recommendations.

[Here follows discussion of agenda item 4, internal security.]

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