258. Memorandum From Director of Central Intelligence Hillenkoetter to the Assistant Director for Special Operations (Galloway)0


  • Foreign Information Measures
This Agency has been directed by the National Security Council to supplement the foreign information activities of the U.S. Government by covert psychological operations. Further, we have been charged with insuring that such operations are consistent with U.S. foreign policy and overt information activities, and that appropriate agencies of the U.S. Government, both at home and abroad, are kept informed of such operations which will directly affect them.
It has been determined that the Office of Special Operations will be the operational unit for the conduct of covert psychological operations in accordance with the directive of the National Security Council to this Agency.
Attached hereto, for your information and guidance, is Copy No. 18 of NSC 4.1 This document will be utilized as the basic policy directive for the operations considered herewith.
It is desired that you take immediate steps to prepare a plan for the conduct of covert psychological operations, utilizing wherever practicable existing facilities of your office and the other offices of this Agency. Your recommendations reference the following specific matters will be submitted at the earliest practicable date:
Proposed Organizational Chart for a Foreign Information Branch, Office of Special Operations.
Proposed Table of Organization, Staff and Field, for the conduct of covert psychological measures.
Proposed plan of liaison with appropriate departments and agencies ofthe Government.
Estimate of funds required for fiscal years 1948 and 1949.
R. H. Hillenkoetter 2

Rear Admiral, USN
  1. Source: Central Intelligence Agency Historical Files, HS/CSG-917, Job 83–00036, Box 6, Folder 11. Top Secret.
  2. Document 252.
  3. Printed from a copy that bears this typed signature.