810.733/163: Telegram

The Chargé in Colombia (Daniels) to the Secretary of State

965. For De Wolf19 from Otterman.20 Minister Posts and Telegraphs21 and our delegation have arrived at complete agreement more satisfactory than our telegram May 23.22 It will be confirmed by exchange of notes between Embassy and Colombian Foreign Minister23 probably Monday.24 Embassy will advise when notes signed. Text of note follows:

[Here follows text of note to be exchanged with Colombian Minister for Foreign Affairs, not printed.]

  1. Francis C. de Wolf, Chief, Telecommunications Division.
  2. Harvey B. Otterman, Assistant Chief, Telecommunications Division.
  3. Alirio Gómez Picón.
  4. Telegram 935, not printed.
  5. Carlos Lozano y Lozano.
  6. The agreement was signed on May 31, 1944, but was not put into effect; see third paragraph of despatch 4426, September 13, from Bogotá, p. 860.