The Chargé in Colombia (Daniels) to the Secretary of State

No. 3806

Sir: I have the honor to request that the Department forward to the Embassy comparative tables summarizing in readily understandable form, with dollar equivalents, the material and equipment which has been furnished to Colombia and Peru under Lend-Lease. It is assumed that this information is readily available to the Department and can be assembled in such form as to facilitate a comparison between Lend-Lease assistance to Colombia as compared with such assistance to Peru.

The reason for this request is that during recent weeks I have observed concern on the part of many responsible Colombians lest American Lend-Lease assistance to Peru may come to constitute a military threat to Colombia; as well as the wide-spread belief that much more military equipment has been sent to Peru than to Colombia. In view of the continuation of alarmist rumors regarding alleged Peruvian aggressive intentions, whether against Ecuador or Colombia, and in view of the desirability of disassociating such rumors from Lend-Lease assistance extended by the United States for purposes of hemispheric defense, it is believed desirable for the Embassy to have [Page 811] complete and accurate information of the type indicated above for background purposes. It is not meant to imply in this request that further military equipment should necessarily be forwarded to Colombia; rather it is merely that with full possession of the facts the Embassy will be in a better position to take such action as may be appropriate in allaying unfounded fears and suspicions.

It is suggested that these tables should include not only such military equipment as has actually been delivered to the two countries, but also all outstanding commitments.

Respectfully yours,

Paul C. Daniels