811.22721/242: Airgram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Colombia ( Lane )

A–269. Your despatch 3151 of December 28, 1943 and 3213 of January 14, 194418 concerning the Colombian Government’s request to obtain training for 36 pilots.

The Department has been informed by the War Department that the training requested by the Colombian Government with certain reductions in the number of personnel to be trained can be accomplished by the War Department. Only 15 pilots can be trained at this time.

The War Department has suggested the following:

In view of the limited flying experience of these individuals, they should all be first sent to a primary flying school in the Flying Training Command through which they would be permitted to progress as rapidly as their abilities warranted. Thereafter, they would pursue the standard basic and advanced single engine flying training courses.
The group should have an officer in charge to act as a director or representative through whom all detailed arrangements would be made, including exercise of control over the group.
That each individual accepted for this training must have sufficient knowledge of the English language to enable him to take instruction in the English language and to receive and act upon instructions transmitted in English by radio.

The War Department desires to be informed whether these individuals are all officers or whether some are enlisted men.

The following is a summary of the current estimated costs per individual for phases of flying training for 15 students:

Primary Training $2100
Basic   “ 4700
Standard Advanced Single Engine (not including P–40 transition) 4500

These costs are inclusive except for uniform, pay, burial, etc.

The War Department has requested that the financing of the above training should be done on the basis that services and material furnished will be covered by direct cash reimbursement to the United States Government.

  1. Neither printed.