821.24/836: Airgram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Colombia (Lane)

A–162. The War Department has received General Brett’s6 recommendations covering the allotment to Colombia of military equipment to which you refer in your despatch 3235 of January 19 and your telegram 115 of January 22.7 These recommendations have received the careful consideration of the War Department which has informed General Brett that it approves the delivery to Colombia of the following equipment:

Item Quantity
Light Trucks 1½ T 20
Light Trucks ½ T.W.C 19
Motorcycles 15
Launches, motor  2 J–340 series
75 guns 20
37 Anti Tank 12
Mortars 60mm  3 with mount
M.G. 30 Hv 24 Model 1917 A–l
Rifle, automatic, Cal. 30 189 M–1918 A–2
Shell H.E. (SC 75 mm.) 2400
Shell H.E. (NC 75 mm.) 9600
Shell H.E. (RC 75 mm.) 7200
Shell H.E. smoke (WP 75 mm.) 2400
Shell H.E. 37 mm. gun 360
Shot Armor piercing M–74 37 mm. gun 3000
Shell H.E. 60 mm. mortar 675
Cartridge AP (or ball) and tracer Cal. 30 (belted 4 to 1) M.G 71400
Cartridge AP (or ball) Cal. 30 204120
Cartridge tracer Cal. 30 51030

The Department understands that all of this material will be forwarded to Colombia from the Canal Zone. It forms a portion of a list submitted to the Department by the Colombian Embassy bearing [Page 805] the signature of Colonel Faris, former Chief of the United States Military Mission to Colombia. This list also comprises certain quartermaster material which the Colombian Government desires to obtain. As General Brett’s recommendations contain no reference to this equipment, the Department has requested the War Department to ask him whether this matter also is receiving his consideration.

The Colombian Embassy has also presented a list of about 100 landplanes and seaplanes for training, combat and transport purposes. The Department will consult with the War and Navy Departments on this matter and will keep you informed.

  1. Gen. George H. Brett, Commanding General, Caribbean Defense Command.
  2. Neither printed.