740.0011 EW/12–2644: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Chile (Bowers)

1259. We feel that the time has come when you should ascertain whether Chile intends to exercise leadership among the other five [Page 699] American republics concerned in the matter discussed during Wright’s trip to Chile. The awkwardness of the situation of the six American “Associated Nations” will be manifest on January 1, 1945 when the French representative here will affix his signature for adherence of France to the United Nations Declaration at a ceremony to which only representatives of the United Nations will be invited. Furthermore, there is increasing evidence that very soon will arise in concrete form the question of what nations are to be invited to the proposed United Nations conference on international organization.

We feel strongly that as good friends of the other five American republics concerned we cannot delay longer in informing them of a situation which so definitely affects their national interests. Consequently, if Chile does not expect now to assume leadership (which we hope she will assume) in this matter, we must instruct our Ambassadors in the other five countries to inform the governments to which they are accredited of the situation which has been described to the Chilean Government

Please explain this situation at once to Fernández and cable reply. We shall, of course, take no action in this matter until we receive your cable.