832.61333/976: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Brazil (Caffery)

1429. Your 1595, April 29. From FEA for Rich97 and for the Embassy from the Department. We agree to modify the conditions for termination of the Coffee Purchase Agreement contained in Department’s [Page 628] 1263 of April 19 to conform to the points raised by the Minister of Finance, namely, (1) to set the price for Victoria 7/8’s at 7.40 cents per pound fob steamer and (2) to substitute the words “fob steamer on the basis of Paranaguá 4’s, strictly soft,” for the words “fob steamer for Paranaguá 4’s strictly soft.”

The Department and Foreign Economic Administration wish to express their appreciation to the Embassy and to the Foreign Economic Administration staff for their prompt co-operation in advancing the negotiations for cancellation of the agreement. It is hoped that the final exchange of letters with the Brazilian Government can now be accomplished without further difficulty.98

  1. Maj. Richard H. Rich, FEA representative in Rio de Janeiro.
  2. The final exchange of letters, not printed, was dated May 8 and June 21, 1944 (832.61333/6–2344).