103.9169 La Paz: Airgram

The Chargé in Bolivia ( McLaughlin ) to the Secretary of State

A–322. For FEA, Bureau of Supplies, Requirements and Supply Branch from Embassy and FEA Special Representative. Reference is made to FEA Current Export Bulletin No. 176 of July 10, 1944, page 3, Section II, Exports to Bolivia.

Rollback of Decentralization for Bolivia, as modified, was announced to local importers by the Bolivian Priorities Committee of the Banco Central to be effective as of July 10, 1944 without qualifications or exceptions. In view of this announcement, much confusion will prevail if importers are advised that export licenses for commodities which now require import recommendations will be granted by the Foreign Economic Administration without import recommendations until October 1, 1944.

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The Embassy and FEA Special Representative recommend that no change be made in the local announcement of the Country Agency and that American exporters be encouraged not to publicize the October 1st deadline to Bolivian importers. The Embassy and FEA perceive no objection to licensing without import recommendations, until October 1, applications covering commodities on the required list, provided general local publicity is avoided.