The Secretary of State to the War Shipping Administrator ( Land )

My Dear Admiral Land: Pursuant to my letter of December 24, 1943 outlining a temporary policy to be followed by the Foreign Economic Administration in connection with export-import operations relative to Bolivia, I now have to inform you that the Emergency Consultative Committee for Political Defense, sitting in Montevideo, has passed a resolution86 recommending joint inter-American consideration of questions related to the recognition of new governments instituted by force. I have sent to the Honorable Dr. Alberto Guani, President of the Emergency Consultative Committee for Political Defense, a communication87 accepting, on behalf of our Government, the recommendation of the Committee and expressing our Government’s readiness to consult and exchange information with the other American Republics which have declared war against or have severed diplomatic relations with the Axis in situations to which the resolution applies. A copy of the resolution and my reply thereto is enclosed herewith, for your information.

I am of the opinion that the present situation in Bolivia is one to which the resolution applies.

In view of these developments and pending the joint consultation contemplated by the resolution, I have decided that the temporary restrictions on the handling of export shipments for Bolivia should be lifted and that the previous procedure should be resumed. I am likewise requesting Mr. Leo T. Crowley, Foreign Economic Administrator, to lift the restrictions on the approval of export licenses for Bolivia.

I shall be pleased to keep you advised of all further developments in this matter.

Sincerely yours,

Cordell Hull
  1. Resolution XXII; for text, see Emergency Advisory Committee for Political Defense, Second Annual Report, July 15, 1943–October 15, 1944 (Montevideo, 1944), p. 79. For correspondence on United States interest in the Committee’s deliberations, see ante, pp. 1 ff.
  2. Telegram of December 27, Foreign Relations, 1943, vol. v, p. 35.