824.01/562: Circular telegram

The Secretary of State to Certain Diplomatic Representatives in the American Republics 60

All of the American Republics with the exception of Argentina have officially proclaimed their intention of withholding recognition of the Bolivian Junta. It is believed that this fact combined with the Argentine decision to break relations with the Axis powers may result in further developments in the Bolivian situation. I have always felt that the Mexican proposal for a meeting of the diplomatic representatives in one of the South American capitals under the leadership of the Foreign Minister of the country selected had intrinsic merit and I feel that this procedure might now be adopted in the event of any important changes in the actual situation at La Paz. I am pondering as to where such a conference might be held most advantageously. For this reason I would welcome an expression of your personal views as to the effectiveness of holding such a meeting in the country to which you are accredited. In making your appraisal, please give particular thought to these aspects of the situation in the country where you reside: the ability of its Foreign Minister to conduct such a conference, whether it would be convenient for him to do so, how many of the other American Republics are represented there, whether the representatives of the American republics accredited are such as to engender hope of a successful conference, and what in your opinion are the possibilities of a meeting of this character attaining the objectives desired, if held there or anywhere.

It is my understanding that the meeting of diplomatic representatives under the chairmanship of a Foreign Minister as proposed by Padilla represents merely an alternative method of exchanging information and views. In the case of the Bolivian Revolution of December 20, this exchange was handled through diplomatic channels and the governments then reached their decisions independently and fortunately, but only incidentally, in harmony. In other words, each [Page 449] government’s sovereign right to reach its own decision was scrupulously respected in the procedure followed. The proposed meeting would also limit itself to exchange of information and views; it would reach no conclusions and it would publish no statements. After the meeting each representative would report independently to his government which in turn would make its final decision.

  1. Sent to Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Mexico, Peru, and Venezuela.