824.01/467: Telegram

The Ambassador in Argentina (Armour) to the Secretary of State

247. Bolivian Ambassador48 tells me Gilbert49 has indicated to him following attitude regarding Bolivian situation. Argentina is only country having official relations with Junta; they are therefore in position to act as intermediaries in attempting to bring about changes in Junta that will meet with approval of other American Governments. He has been discussing matter with Martín Gras50 and before latter’s return to La Paz about February 10 Gilbert plans to talk with British, Brazilian, Chilean Ambassadors and myself hoping to ascertain from us line-up in Bolivia that would have our approval and secure recognition. Gras would then be instructed to endeavor to secure those changes. Costa du Rels quotes Gilbert as saying Argentina is now a member of Allied bloc, so is Bolivia, but not the Government with its present line-up. “We must do everything to bring them in”. Costa felt this information might be useful to enable me to learn Department’s views before Gilbert approaches me.

Repeated to Montevideo as of possible interest in connection with Spaeth’s51 message to Duggan transmitted [in] Dawson’s52 telegram 119, January 27, 1 p.m.53

  1. Adolfo Costa du Rels.
  2. Gen. Alberto Gilbert, Argentine Minister for Foreign Affairs.
  3. Argentine Ambassador in Bolivia.
  4. Carl Spaeth, American member, Emergency Advisory Committee for Political Defense.
  5. William Dawson, American Ambassador in Uruguay.
  6. Not printed.