824.01/441: Telegram

The Ambassador in Bolivia (Boal) to the Secretary of State

328. The La Paz newspapers have reported that the Minister of Foreign Affairs44 of the Junta sent the following message on January 25th to Bolivian Consuls abroad:

(Translation) “Señor Consul, in view of the negative and unfriendly attitude not of the peoples of America but of the Chancelleries with respect to the new Bolivian Government, please give the greatest publicity to the following circular communiqué:

“‘First, no word or act outside of the Republic of Bolivia will be able to affect in the least the conduct of the Government which is frankly directed to conduct the nation in the democratic path of its tradition and of its constitutional law.

“‘Second, with respect to the conditions of war in the world, the Bolivian Government and people have no other nor will they need any other standards than those set forth in the continental pacts which in synthesis impose on the associated nations the obligation of contributing to the defense of the democratic liberty of the continent in opposition to any threat to [of?] its destruction. Signed Tamayto, Min Relaciones.’”

  1. José Tamayo.