710 Consultation 3A/597: Telegram

The Chargé in Mexico (Bursley) to the Secretary of State

92. The Bolivian question was discussed at some length with Dr. Padilla today.

He said that he thoroughly understood the position of the Secretary on this matter and that in his opinion there was no real divergence of views. He did not comment, however, on the information I furnished in accordance with the Department’s instructions although he admitted that unless all the countries were represented at the meeting envisaged by the Mexican initiative, success of that meeting could not be expected. Padilla then proceeded to outline his views to the effect that international law was in the making particularly in this hemisphere and that very important legal bases could be laid down by the meeting proposed, if it were held. He said that his only thought was to prevent a repetition of the situation which had developed in the Argentine; he did not say this in so many words, although he did specifically refer to Argentina but the inference was plain that he was unhappy over the way the Argentine situation had developed and that he feared the consequences if there were not soon some united action.

I am confident from what he said and from his attitude that he will continue to cooperate with us in every way but I gather from his statements that he is still hopeful that the meeting will be held and believes that it affords the best way to deal with the Bolivian problem.