Memorandum by Mr. Laurence A. Knapp of the Office of the Adviser on Political Relations to the Head of That Office (Duggan)

In studying the telegrams which I have so far seen, they show that:

The U. S. memorandum has been delivered to the other eighteen foreign offices except Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay.
Nine countries (Brazil, Cuba, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama) have indicated a willingness to make an announcement of non-recognition. Brazil, however, appears to prefer only a joint statement with us, apparently regardless of other countries, if she is to take this step.
Paraguay’s willingness to make such an announcement if accompanied by Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, the United States, and, she hopes, Peru, has been forecast by Frost29 but requires confirmation.
Peru has expressed reluctance to make any such announcement; Ecuador and Uruguay appear reluctant to take any such positive step in the near future, and Colombia reports she must first clear with Venezuela and Ecuador. Venezuela and Chile are also undecided, the former because she has favored the Padilla plan.30 Fernandez appears reluctant and said he must consult Rios.31 No definite word has been received from Costa Rica, which also favored the Padilla plan. Mexico is still silent for the same reason.
I renew my suggestion that the countries willing to make an announcement do so simultaneously and by statements, similarly worded, which reflect the fact that their individual decision refers to the joint consultations and exchanges of information carried through pursuant to the CPD32 recommendations. Only by such a procedure can the community of action principle, which the countries (Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Venezuela) which have favored a meeting are supporting, be at least in part preserved. As a corollary, I think a joint U. S.–Brazil lead off would be a severe mistake.

Laurence A. Knapp
  1. Wesley Frost, Ambassador in Paraguay.
  2. See supra.
  3. Joaquin Fernández and Juan Antonio Ríos Morales, Chilean Foreign Minister and President, respectively.
  4. Emergency Advisory Committee for Political Defense.