835.918/145: Telegram

The Ambassador in Argentina (Armour) to the Secretary of State

904. Decree signed by Farrell and Perlinger published last night grants concession to ANDI,74 Argentine News Agency, whereby all radio stations must accept and broadcast news supplied by that agency [Page 401] under penalty of having their licenses revoked. Radio stations must pay ANDI between 5 and 10 percent of their gross income for news service. Stations may subscribe to other news services but the cost cannot be deducted from above percentages paid ANDI. ANDI is obliged to pay Post Office up to 200,000 pesos for radio equipment which Post Office will purchase for broadcasting ANDI service, equipment to remain property of Post Office. ANDI agrees to appoint within 5 years correspondents of Argentine nationality in every country of world to distribute Argentine news. Fulfillment of decree is under direct supervision of Subsecretariat of Information and Press. It becomes effective April 15.

Preamble states that investigation of news agencies undertaken by Post Office has revealed existence of Argentine agencies which, although established under its regulations, do not satisfy requirements of Argentine nationality and international independence. It is the function of the state to dictate forms for assuring that news shall report in truthful and objective form national and international events free from influences of private interests and especially those opposed to national sovereignty.

Decree states ANDI is only Argentine agency which has correspondents resident abroad and basic organization which would permit it within reasonable time to satisfy the maximum necessities of the nation for transmission of Argentine news.

  1. Agenda Noticiosa Argentina.