811.91235/64: Telegram

The Ambassador in Argentina (Armour) to the Secretary of State

665. Local offices of Associated Press and Argentine subsidiary by order of Director General of Posts and Telegraphs last night were prohibited for indefinite period from receiving and sending news by radio, allegedly for technical infractions of regulations under which receiving licenses were issued. Also prohibited from serving clients in provinces and from using ticker between here and Montevideo. Pending efforts to have order rescinded, AP is using cable for receiving and transmitting news abroad. AP believes reasons behind order are same as in case of closure of United Press previously reported.

UP was less seriously affected in that only their Montevideo circuit was cut. Curran67 informs me that authorities have just promised to remove restrictions and he hopes full service will be resumed tomorrow.

Inform Washington offices of AP and UP.

  1. Thomas Curran, General Manager of the United Press for South America.