835.741/67: Telegram

The Ambassador in Argentina ( Armour ) to the Secretary of State

348. Posts and Telegraphs65 announced last night severance of communications as of midnight February 5 with those countries with which Argentina has broken diplomatic relations; telecommunications companies have been instructed accordingly. This action apparently is designed to make clear that January 28 decree includes satellite countries with which relations were broken on February 4. Actually all companies except Western Cables have interpreted Previll’s decree literally as applying to all territory “controlled by Axis”. Western reports that it has had no traffic with Axis satellites for some time but that in the absence of specific written instructions from Argentine Government it has been prepared to accept any messages filed. It “assumes” that the censor would have stopped messages destined to satellite countries during past week had there been any. Perhaps fortunately there have been none although Western’s messages are transmitted via London and presumably are subject to censorship there.

Posts and Telegraphs also announced yesterday that there are no facilities for the forwarding of mail to Japan, Italy and Germany or to territories under their control. Although schedules of departure are uncertain mail can be sent to England, Cyprus, Spain, Gibraltar, Ireland, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Malta, Portugal, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey, Sweden, Africa, those parts of Asia and Oceania not occupied by Japan and the Americas.

  1. A department of the Argentine Government.