835.50/164: Telegram

The Ambassador in Argentina ( Armour ) to the Secretary of State

467. I am very reliably informed that Perón claims to have in his possession copy of a despatch originating in the Department (apparently intercepted in the mails) showing that the British were not prepared to join us in economic sanctions against Argentina because of their dependence on this country for supplies, particularly meat.

Perón is reported to have used this material effectively against Gilbert in the recent blowup,53 as evidence that he had been bluffed by the United States into breaking relations with Axis.

My informant was under the impression the despatch or communication was dated January 16. If report is true it might refer either to enclosures to Department’s instruction 5358 of January 854 or [Page 252] enclosures forwarded to me under cover of personal letter from Kenly Bacon55 of February 2.56 Our files show both communications came in unaccompanied airmail pouches the first received here January 15 (sack No. 2622) the second February 9 (unlisted in invoice).

None of these enclosures is dated January 16. My guess would fall on one of enclosures to Bacon’s letter, any one of which would have furnished material of type described.

May I again stress to Department vital importance of having all confidential or secret communications sent by courier.

  1. General Gilbert’s resignation as Argentine Minister for Foreign Affairs was reported on February 15, 1944.
  2. Not printed.
  3. Acting Chief, Division of River Plate Affairs.
  4. Not found in Department files.