831.6363/1659: Telegram

The Ambassador in Venezuela (Corrigan) to the Secretary of State

517. Foreign Office in a lengthy legalistic presentation of its case replied in a memorandum of May 1353 to my memorandum of May 154 in which I asked for clarification regarding stipulation of a geographic [Page 1666] area from which Venezuelan crude oil from new concessions is excluded. British and Netherlands Ministers received substantially identic replies.

Unless objection is perceived (please instruct by telegram) I consider it advisable promptly to acknowledge Venezuelan communication and express sympathy with Venezuela’s just national aspirations to cement well-being of its people as well as appreciation of their collaboration with United Nations, state lack of intention to initiate discussion of judicial questions, adding that inquiry was intended to call attention to geographical provisions that seemed out of harmony with postwar plans.

British Minister is handling his communication along same lines, considering that purpose has been served by making matter one of record, to which eventual reference could be made after the war if circumstances required.

Dutch Minister whose interests are more directly affected will reiterate his objections to implications of discrimination.

  1. Not printed; copy transmitted to the Department in despatch 5915, May 16, 1944, from Caracas.
  2. Not printed; copy transmitted to the Department in despatch 5845, May 3, 1944, from Caracas.