839.415/134: Telegram

The Ambassador in Haiti (White) to the Secretary of State

40. President Lescot informed re content your telegram February 14, 8 p.m., No. 48, and Ambassador Warren’s February 14, 7 p.m. He decided to compose forthwith a letter to President Roosevelt. I urged that this should be specific as to what he could do towards effecting the desired meeting (i. e. not a mere recital of grievances).

With caution against false hopes prior to sending of this missive, President Lescot opined off hand that meetings could be justified before Haitian public opinion: (1) in unlikely case that Trujillo should make some apology previously for Sanchez’ writings; (2) if Haitian public were informed of President Roosevelt’s personal wish that meeting take place. Possibly also his assertion that Trujillo was trying to blackmail him (reference being to former’s letter to latter of November 1) into permitting Haitian labor to cross boundary for cutting Dominican sugar is germane to solution.