Memorandum of Conversation, by Mr. George D. Henderson of the Division of River Plate Affairs

Participants: Colonel Edwards,41 Lieutenant Colonel Dubois, War Department
Mr. Spaeth, Mr. Henderson, RPA
Mr. Johnson, RL

Pursuant to the discussion summarized in the memorandum of conversation of October 12, Colonel Edwards and Colonel Dubois called to communicate the results of the War Department’s promise to reconsider Uruguayan Lend-Lease requests. They left copies of a table of Lend-Lease items showing amounts originally requested, token allocations on two subsequent occasions, and amounts now available and suitable for immediate delivery to Uruguay.

The latest action of the War Department was acknowledgedly extremely encouraging and generous enough to make up for previous disappointing results.

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Colonel Edwards pointed out that the War Department, having fulfilled its promise, now turned the matter over entirely to the State Department. He nevertheless expressed his earnest hope that in return the State Department would arrange to have Uruguay request a military mission in accordance with the previous discussion between representatives of the State and War Departments.

With respect to certain other points brought up in this meeting, Colonel Edwards promised to check the points in question and advise RPA later by telephone. A few hours later Colonel Dubois informed Mr. Spaeth by telephone that (1) the Uruguayan Military Attaché would not have to make any additional requests for the material now available, since the International Division of the War Department would transmit directives to the Munitions Assignment Board directly; (2) the suggestion be made to the Uruguayan Embassy that Uruguay make available the SS Colonia for transporting the arms and ammunition in question to Montevideo; (3) the War Department advised its Military Attaché in Montevideo some three weeks ago that six AT–11’s would be made available to the Uruguayan air force on the condition that Uruguay request an air mission. (No reply has yet been received.)

Mr. Spaeth and Mr. Henderson expressed their sincere appreciation to Colonels Edwards and Dubois over the prompt and effective manner in which they had fulfilled their part of the agreements reached in the October 12 meeting.

  1. Col. Parmer W. Edwards, Caribbean-Latin American Section, Operations Division, War Department.