833.24/6–144: Telegram

The Ambassador in Uruguay (Dawson) to the Secretary of State

636. Military Attaché30 is cabling War Department concerning request of Uruguayan Chief-of-Staff31 for urgent despatch of lend-lease matériel.

In later conversation with me Defense Minister Campos expressed special interest also in urgent shipment of tanks, anti-air and antitank artillery, items to complete 105 mm guns already received and ammunition for all types of guns. Campos states that all this is already included in requests on file and approved in principle in Washington. He remarked that excluding naval vessel recently delivered Uruguay has received only about 2 million dollars lend-lease and that installment now being paid will bring its payments up to nearly 4 million.

I trust that Department will make every effort to satisfy Uruguay’s requests.

Campos is greatly concerned over bellicose atmosphere in Argentina. He recognizes that for Argentina to start war would be suicidal adventure but he considers Argentine military regime irresponsible and capable of anything. He views with concern concentration [Page 1601] of forces by both Argentina and Brazil along common border and also recent creation by Argentina of two new divisions in provinces fronting on Uruguay River.

  1. Col. Norman A. Congdon.
  2. Gen. David H. Colombo.