The Department of State to the Mexican Embassy


In regard to the water supply situation during this irrigation season in the Mexicali Valley, referred to in Memorandum no. 6598 of the Mexican Embassy, elated June 16, 1944,22 the Department of State has authorized the United States Commissioner on the International [Page 1382] Boundary Commission, United States and Mexico, to inform the Mexican Commissioner that neither this Department nor the Department of the Interior has any objection to the construction by Mexico of a temporary weir or tappoon at Rockwood Heading, provided that the necessary arrangements are made with the Imperial Irrigation District since the use of its facilities are involved, and provided also that the construction plans are submitted to and approved by the Bureau of Reclamation of the Department of the Interior. The United States Commissioner will also inform the Mexican Commissioner that, although this Department can assume no responsibility for the feasibility of such structure and no part in its design and construction, it will endeavor to facilitate the passage into the United States of Mexican nationals and materials needed for the construction of the weir, once the necessary arrangements with the Imperial Irrigation District are made and the approval of the Bureau of Reclamation is secured.

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