821.61333/275a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Columbia (Lane)

700. At meeting of the Inter-American Coffee Board on May 25, the Colombian delegate stated that although Colombia would like to continue participating in the Inter-American Coffee Agreement, it could not approve continuation of the Agreement unless the Board were to recommend to the signatory governments that Colombia’s participation in the quotas be increased. He suggested that Colombia’s share in the quotas be raised to 24 percent. The United States delegate declined to take a position as to whether or not Colombia’s share in the quotas should be increased. There was no support for the Colombian proposal on the part of delegates from other of the producing countries.

The Board adjourned to meet again on May 31. In the absence of further action by the Board this is the last day on which participating [Page 149] governments may notify the Board of their decision with respect to continuation under the resolution adopted by the Board in its meeting of April 4, extending the notification period in accordance with Article XXIV of the Agreement.