The Secretary of State to the Director of the Office of Defense Transportation (Johnson)

My Dear Colonel: I have received and read with interest your letter of June 23, 1944. It is a pity that it became necessary to take these measures with respect to freight movements into Mexico, but, as you know, I have every faith in your good judgment, and I quite appreciate the reasons compelling you to direct this action.

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The Department, nevertheless, is seriously concerned with respect to the Mexican economic situation, particularly in the field of food supplies. The Mexican Government is making every effort to control prices and to remedy what is a dangerous and vital situation. This Government, as you know, appreciating the fact that many sections of Mexico are faced with sheer hunger, has been doing everything within its power to try and help the Mexican Government find a solution to this major problem in the life of Mexico.

I know that you are thoroughly familiar with the situation, and, consequently, I am sure there is no need to explain my sincere hope that you may find an opportunity at as early a date as possible to consider a solution to the question of permitting the movement of grain and flour into Mexico to continue. It might be possible to arrange for the inclusion of grain foodstuffs in the automatic exemptions to the embargo order as this would provide for a long term solution.

I need not tell you how much we will appreciate anything you may do about this.

Sincerely yours,

Cordell Hull