812.77/1942: Airgram

The Ambassador in Mexico ( Messersmith ) to the Secretary of State

A–743. The President,2 using his extraordinary war powers, has issued a decree amending certain portions of the laws governing the administration of the National Railways of Mexico.

This decree strengthens the powers of the General Manager in regard to organization, administration and personnel matters, and, more important, provides that the General Manager shall have the authority to dictate regulations to replace the stipulations in the workers’ contract whenever the latter in his opinion obstruct or endanger the successful operation of the railroads.

The text and translation of this decree will be forwarded as soon as the Diario Oficial is available.3

  1. Manuel Avila Camacho.
  2. This decree of March 9, published in the Diario Oficial of March 11, 1944, is generally referred to as the Railroad Reform Decree of March 11.