The President of Mexico (Avila Camacho) to President Roosevelt


My Dear Mr. President: I take great pleasure in acknowledging receipt of your kind letter of May 11 last which was to have been delivered to me by Mr. Donald M. Nelson, Chairman of the War Production Board, who, because of the commission which you decided to entrust to him in China,55 was obliged to postpone his visit to this capital.

Considering the exceedingly high opinion which I, as well as my immediate collaborators, have formed of the notable personality of Mr. Nelson, I trust that, upon his return from China, you will decide to reiterate your recommendation that he come to Mexico, since I am firmly convinced that his visit will be truly beneficial to the development of economic ties between our two countries.

In regard to these, I am sincerely pleased that our opinions regarding the work of the Mexican-American Commission for Economic Cooperation coincide. Like you, I am convinced that this organization—interpreting, with a realistic spirit, the plans which, on this subject, we formulated in complete agreement when I had the pleasure of deceiving you in Monterrey—has realized a magnificent work which [Page 1210] makes it possible to view with optimism its labors on behalf of commercial intercourse between our two republics.

I desire, at the same time, to take this opportunity to congratulate you, in your capacity as Commander in Chief of the American armed forces, for the splendid victories which they have obtained not only in Europe but also in the Pacific, and that not only correspond to the justice of the cause of the United States but also are a clear demonstration of the decisive manner in which the American nation is defending the most noble principles of our civilization.

With my best wishes for the growing prosperity of the United States and for your personal well-being, I take pleasure in assuring you of my unchanging friendship.

M. Avila Camacho
  1. A confidential mission involving the survey of China’s war-production potential and assistance in establishing a Chinese War Production Board, preparatory to the stepping up of major military operations in the Far East.