Resolution of the Inter-American Coffee Board Authorizing an Emergency Increase in the Quotas for the United States Market


—It is considered desirable, in view of the uncertainty of future shipping availabilities during the present emergency period, to administer the provisions of the Inter-American Coffee Agreement with all possible flexibility, in order that maximum use may be made of all shipping that may become available for transporting coffee to the United States.
—The present rate of coffee roastings in the United States indicates that the quantity of coffee which, in any event, could be supplied under the current quotas would be insufficient, to meet the demands of the civilian population and the armed services of the United States, threatening a shortage of coffee of a magnitude that could not be relieved by an increase in the quotas under Article VIII of the Inter-American Coffee Agreement; the

Inter-American Coffee Board


1.—To increase the quotas for the United States market as of April 21, 1944 to 159% of the basic quotas in accordance with Article VIII of the Inter-American Coffee Agreement, so that the quotas for the current year will be as follows: [Page 143]

Country Quota*
Brazil 12,259,446
Colombia 4,152,393
Costa Rica 263,644
Cuba 105,458
Dominican Republic 157,866
Ecuador 197,733
El Salvador 790,932
Guatemala 705,248
Haiti 362,510
Honduras 26,361
Mexico 626,155
Nicaragua 257,053
Peru 32,956
Venezuela 553,652

2.—To readjust the quotas for the United States market, as of October 1, 1944, so that they will be 115% of the basic Quotas in accordance with Article VIII of the Inter-American Coffee Agreement.

3.—To transmit copies of the resolution to the Governments participating in the Inter-American Coffee Agreement.

  1. Adjustments have been made for overshipments during the quota year 1942–1943. [Footnote in the original.]