812.50/477a: Airgram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Mexico (Messersmith)

A–395. At a meeting of the Mexican-American Commission on Saturday, February 12, a resolution was considered which stated that “in the opinion of this Commission, the projects contained in the list presented by the chairman constitute essential parts of a minimum program for Mexico’s economic development during the year 1944”. Previously 13 projects had been listed, among them, Celanese, Attentique, Guanos y Fertilizantes. This resolution apparently indicates that the Commission approves each of the listed projects despite the fact that certain projects have not formally been submitted by the Mexican section to the American section of the Commission nor has information been transmitted on them to the Department or the resident Commissioners.39 It is quite possible that certain of the projects should not be approved as they may conflict with our commercial policy. While it is desirable to outline a program in advance, it is not considered desirable to approve projects as a group unless each project has previously been considered on its own merits. The procedure outlined in the Department’s instruction no. 4872 of December 3, 194340 for the consideration of projects should be followed in each instance prior to approval by the Commission for otherwise the Department is not accorded the opportunity to review contemplated projects or programs from the point of view of commercial policy.

  1. Thomas H. Lockett, Counselor of Embassy for Economic Affairs in Mexico, and Wayne C. Taylor, Washington Commissioner.
  2. Not printed.