Memorandum by the Chief of the Liaison Section, Operations Division, War Department ( Maddux ) to the Department of State 30

Reference is made to your memorandum of 23 September 194431 transmitting a copy of a letter dated 1 September 1944 from Ambassador Messersmith to Mr. Joseph F. McGurk, Acting Deputy Director of the Office of American Republic Affairs.

The War Department is cognizant of the favorable reaction that would ensue should Mexican general officers be invited to visit an active theater of war. However, visits by Latin American general officers to various theaters have been and must continue to be discouraged, since such visits invariably place an additional burden on theater commanders and their staffs.

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In connection with the above, at the request of General Luis Alamillo Flores, Mexican Military Attaché, the War Department provided for the reception in the Mediterranean Theater of six (6) Mexican staff officers in the grades of Lieutenant Colonel and Major. These officers were to be attached to American units as working staff members and provision was made for them to receive limited staff training prior to their departure overseas.

The Mexican Military Attaché was advised by letter dated 30 August 1944 that arrangements had been completed to receive the officers in question. To date no word has been forthcoming from the Office of the Mexican Military Attaché in regard to the arrival of these officers in the United States.

For the Secretary of War:
Harold R. Maddux

Colonel, G.S.C.
Chief, Liaison Section, OPD, G.S.
  1. For the attention of Mr. Robert D. Longyear, Acting Assistant Chief of the Division of Foreign Activity Correlation.
  2. Not printed.