The Ambassador in El Salvador ( Thurston ) to the Secretary of State

No. 2079

Sir: With reference to the Embassy’s confidential despatch No. 2053 of October 3, 19444 concerning opposition to the pending debt settlement which appears to exist at this time in the National Legislative Assembly, I have the honor to report that the reasons for this opposition may lie in the following suggestions which have been advanced recently by several persons:

That the debt readjustment is considered too important a matter for final settlement by a Provisional Government;
That better terms may possibly be obtained; i.e., that the principal might be reduced as well as the interest rates and the arrears of interest;
That the members of the Assembly (who were of course handpicked by the Martínez regime and accustomed to act only under his orders) are unused to independence and have not received sufficient guidance on the subject from the Government;
That the Deputies used the debt issue as a time-killer in order to prolong the special session up to the date of the regular session (Sept. 1 to Oct. 1), thus earning more pay;
That there are several members of the Assembly who without any genuine or reasoned objection have used it as an excuse for exhibitionist oratory; and
That opposition within the Assembly may be fomented by individuals or by a group outside the legislature for personal or political reasons.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Respectfully yours,

Walter Thurston
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