800.24/9–2044: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Turkey (Steinhardt)

811. All Middle Eastern lend lease agreements except Turkish are being signed in Washington with clear representations to the nations concerned that lend lease authority is limited to a period and purpose which are directly related to the war. This is interpreted to include end uses which contribute to the support and protection of American troops in Europe, even though hostilities may have terminated with Germany. No such contribution is expected in the case of Turkey, but lend lease goods in transit are not likely to be stopped for a few weeks after such termination. It is not contemplated, of course, that Turkey would make any contribution to the war against Japan, so that continued lend lease could hardly be expected for any such reason. It is not necessary to go into such detail with the Turks, but you should make sure that they have no expectation that they will get anything beyond the interpretation set forth in this telegram.