868.01/529: Telegram

President Roosevelt to the British Prime Minister (Churchill)36


523. Thank you for your 648 and the information about difficulties in Greek participation in our Allied effort recently encountered.

With you I join in the hope that your line of action toward the problem may succeed in bringing back the Greeks into the camp of the [Page 99] Allies and to a participation that will be worthy of the traditions established by the heroes of the history of the Greeks against the barbarians. As one whose family and who personally has contributed by personal help for over a century to Greek independence, frankly I am not happy over the situation as it is at present and hope that everywhere Greeks will retain their sense of proportion and will set aside pettiness. Let every Greek show a personal unselfishness which is so necessary now and think of their glorious past.

If you want to, you can in the above sense quote me.

  1. Copy sent to the Secretary of State at his request from the White House on April 25.