868.01/485: Telegram

The Ambassador to the Greek Government in Exile (MacVeagh) to the Secretary of State

Greek 103. The King’s reply has just been received (see my Greek 102, April 3, 8 [2] p.m.). He says that he will not accept Mr. Tsouderos’ [resignation?], he will consider the question of his successor when order has been restored. He further directs Mr. Venizelos to come to London immediately and explain the situation to him. He has asked the British Foreign Office to authorize the British military here to take measures for the restoration of order but meanwhile the British have already intervened for the purposes of military security under their operational authority over the Greek forces in Egypt and have placed several hundred persons under preventive and temporary arrest. It is the opinion of my British colleague that the King’s action has been well taken in the circumstances although the King will undoubtedly be criticized for not returning himself at once. He also feels that the strong and prompt British military reaction will have the effect of quieting the situation which he believes to be the product of skillful propaganda by the EAM and the folly of the Republican Cabinet members who have now placed themselves in an impossible position.