868.01/434: Telegram

The Ambassador to the Greek Government in Exile (MacVeagh) to the Secretary of State

Greek Series 27. The Greek Prime Minister on January 16 received from the Central Committee of EAM a telegram which indicates that Mr. Tsouderos’ recent broadcasts have made a favorable impression within Greece and urges the formation of a government of national unity. Mr. Tsouderos answered pointing out that reconciliation [Page 87] between the guerrillas must precede the creation of such a government. Though he hopes that Mr. Eden’s fortuitously synchronized statement to the House on January 19 regarding unity and relief10 (see my telegram No. 12, Greek Series January 11, 1 p.m.11) may have a favorable effect, the Prime Minister is somewhat reservedly optimistic about the possibility of reconciling the guerillas. But he is on the whole pleased about the general situation in Greece, since the extent of the recognition of himself and his Government which he feels is implicit in EAM’s message, seems to bear out reports that in some sections, at least, of public opinion in Athens there has been in recent months a swing toward support of the Government in Exile.

The text of the telegrams and further comment are being sent to the Department by airgram.12

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