811.7490F/10–2144: Telegram

The Minister in Saudi Arabia (Eddy) to the Secretary of State

316. Saudi Government has not yet replied to question in Department’s 205, October 6, 8 p.m.,95 but today British Chargé96 informed me British objected to Saudi radio station. He stated:

That the commercial interests of Cable and Wireless were secondary to primary objection based on security, in which American censors concurred with British.
That London’s objection was conveyed to Saudi Government 2 months ago. It was not revealed because they hoped Aramco had forgotten about the proposal and they hoped Americans would not press issue. However, Foreign Ministry told British Legation that American Government had asked for news of project and British decided to inform me.
That Aramco communications with United States of America could not be very much delayed at present because Aramco sends most of its traffic at deferred rate therefore need of direct channel not apparent.

I stated that on the contrary direct channel to United States of America would be very useful to Aramco and other Americans in Arabia and that I personally regretted the unnecessary 2 months’ delay shortening the brief interval before deadline of December 1.

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  2. Robert E. Ellison.