741.8411/12–2744: Telegram

The Minister in Ethiopia (Caldwell) to the Secretary of State

268. ReDepts 193, December 21. Agreement runs until superseded by treaty; after 2 years it may be terminated by either party upon 3 months’ notice.

Subject to Ethiopian regulations and any future international aviation agreements, British civil planes may operate in Ethiopia; planes registered in Ethiopia have similar reciprocal right; and British companies selected by British Government may operate commercial and mail services in Ethiopia. British and other Allied Air Forces [Page 83] have right of flight in Ethiopia without reference to Ethiopian regulations.

Sub-soil rights not mentioned in agreement but paragraph 5 of British letter No. 1 printed with agreement concedes that with exception of water, sub-soil and mineral rights on [sic] Ogaden and reserved areas are Ethiopian property the exercise of rights to which will not be interfered with by British Military Administration. In view of this letter it seems unlikely that American firms would encounter difficulties on part of British in this connection (reLegs 265, December 2133).

  1. Not printed.