The Minister Resident in Saudi Arabia (Moose) to the Secretary of State

No. 145

Sir: I have the honor to refer to my telegram no. 79 of March 16, 1944, 6:00 p.m.,54 and to report that on March 20, 1944, this Legation received from the United States Army authorities in Cairo 1,667 rifles with accessories and 350,000 rounds of .30 caliber ammunition which was delivered to the Saudi Government with the understanding that it would be stored in Jidda pending the arrival of an American military mission composed of eight officers and four enlisted men who would instruct the Saudi Army in the use, repair and maintenance of [Page 679] the rifles, and of any other military equipment which might be delivered. The tentative date of arrival of the mission has been set for April 15, 1944.

A similar shipment of rifles and ammunition from the British Army was delivered to the Saudi Government by the British Legation at the same time.

[Here follows discussion of problems involved in the actual delivery of the shipment into Saudi Arabian custody.]

Respectfully yours,

James S. Moose, Jr.
  1. Not printed.