741.8411/11–2744: Telegram

The Minister in Ethiopia (Caldwell) to the Secretary of State

245. ReLeg’s 225, November 7. Negotiations again suspended. Emperor finally agreed, as unavoidable if any agreement is to be reached, to transfer both reserved areas and Ogaden to British military administration for life of agreement or till end of hostilities (whichever is earlier) as contribution as one of United Nations in war against Japan (wording as in draft of article 8 with despatch 274, November 728 except for inclusion of reserved areas), but British have objected both to exclusion of reason and period of validity, stating that although reason should be included, since that given is only part of reason, an additional important consideration being inability of this Government to maintain order, which neither Government would wish to include; and period should be either life of agreement or till peace settlement. Termination of negotiations appears imminent, as Ethiopians not now disposed to make further concessions; however, they may eventually do so.

Ethiopians find it strange that objection to wording was not made earlier as draft of article 8 was attached to memorandum to British of November 4 (enclosed with despatch mentioned above).

  1. Despatch and enclosures not printed.