867N.01/2284a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Consul General at Jerusalem (Pinkerton)84

54. Please convey the following message, which you may deliver in person at your discretion, from the President to the Emir of TransJordan in reply to the latter’s telegram of March 3 to the President regarding the Palestine resolutions:

“I have received Your Highness’ telegram of March 3, 1944 in which you refer to the resolutions which have been introduced into Congress relative to Palestine. I appreciate the friendly sentiments which you express regarding the American people and the United Nations. In so far as Palestine is concerned, I am glad to convey to you the assurance [Page 597]that in the view of the Government of the United States no decision altering the basic situation of Palestine should be reached without full consultation with both Arabs and Jews.”

  1. Marginal notation: “OK FDR”.