867N.01/2231: Telegram

The Minister in Egypt (Kirk) to the Secretary of State

503. Following is essential part of communications left with me last night by El Sayyid Hussein El Kobsi, representative of King Yemen in recent Arab Union discussions, regarding proposed congressional resolution on Palestine:

“His Majesty, The King of Yemen and Commander of the Faithful, Yehya Ibn Mohamed Hamid El Dine, and His Majesty’s Government disapprove of the resolution submitted to the American Congress designed to remove restrictions imposed on the immigration of Jews into Palestine. His Majesty disapproves everything that causes trouble to the rightful owners of Palestine—Moslems, Christians and native Jews—and although he condemns every cruelty to which Jews in Europe are subjected he does not consider that it justifies the oppression of the Arabs of Palestine in their own legal abode.”

Text of communication was carried in this morning’s Al Misri in verbatim form except for omission of phrase “Moslems, Christians, and Jews”.

Repeated to Jerusalem, Jidda, Baghdad and Beirut.