883.6363/100: Telegram

The Minister in Egypt (Kirk) to the Secretary of State

693. My 499, March 3 and previous. Today’s press reports that Minister of Finance interview granted to Egyptian Gazette announced removal of 15 percent export duty as of March 22.

While Legation is unable to obtain official confirmation of foregoing today due to Moslem holiday and while removal could not be considered definite until publication of decree in official Gazette the report bears out recent informed statement to Legation by Minister of Finance to effect that he had definitely decided to remove tax and that official action would be taken “within a week”.

Local representatives of interested American oil companies have called Legation to express their satisfaction at abolition of tax.

Legation will inform Department as soon as duty removal is officially promulgated.33

  1. In telegram No. 738, March 28, 6 p.m., the Minister in Egypt reported that the Journal Officiel of March 25 published a royal decree abolishing the 15% export duty, while maintaining “higher specific export taxes introduced for cotton and a few other products …” (600.837/16).