711.52/458: Telegram

The Chargé at Tangier (Elbrick) to the Secretary of State

107. Legation’s 104, May 6.68 Gascoigne reports interview with Orgaz today was very unsatisfactory and that latter was most uncooperative. Orgaz said no instructions had been received re expulsion of Germans and he would take no action until he receives them. He said German agents and saboteurs in special zone and Tangier were to be considered for expulsion on their merits. He indicated, however, that Jap Military Attaché there would be asked today to arrange his departure.

Later Castillo informed Gascoigne that Orgaz will try to sabotage the agreement, that he will do everything possible to avoid necessity of expelling Germans, that he instructed Castillo to inform Jap representative here that he may take as long as he likes to arrange his departure. Castillo said Orgaz has actually received instructions from Madrid but is delaying action by posing questions to Jordana such as eventual disposition of Mendoubia now occupied by German Consul and future representation of German interests here. It is apparent that Orgaz will not act unless forced to do so and Castillo feels he will take action only on Franco’s69 direct orders. In order to keep this question alive and to stress importance of execution this phase of agreement I shall ask for an appointment to see Orgaz toward end of week if Department has no objection.

Sent to Department, repeated to Madrid and Algiers.

  1. Not printed.
  2. Generalissimo Francisco Franco, Spanish Chief of State.