711.52/448: Telegram

The Chargé at Tangier (Elbrick) to the Secretary of State

103. British Consul General was informed by Castillo today that text of Madrid settlement has now been received by the High Commissariat and that question of the removal of German Consulate and Japanese from Tangier had been taken up by Spanish Government in Berlin and Tokyo. Gascoigne expects to see Orgaz today or tomorrow when he will present formal demand for immediate implementation agreement which Castillo said he would be glad to support. List prepared by Allied intelligence service of German consular personnel here and German agents in Spanish North Africa will be presented at the same time. Castillo intimated that Orgaz may refuse to act until definite instructions are received from Madrid. Neither British Consul General nor this Legation has yet received text of settlement.

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Sir Samuel Hoare65 has telegraphed Gascoigne from Lisbon that Spanish Government has been informed by Berlin that German Government will take steps appropriate to the situation. According to Hoare, Jordana66 is complaining that British and Americans appear to be treating settlement as a victory over Spain rather than Germany and that his position has been made extremely difficult.

Germans here are attempting to make it appear that agreement regarding their expulsion is merely Allied propaganda. It is reported that local Italian Fascist leaders were called to German Consulate yesterday and informed that Madrid settlement made no mention of closing German Consulate here.

Repeated Madrid and Algiers for Murphy.

  1. Sir Samuel Hoare, British Ambassador in Spain.
  2. Count Francisco Gómez Jordana, Spanish Minister for Foreign Affairs.